Analyze Online Casino Slot Games - What you need to know when analyze games

How to Analyze Online Casino Slot Games


The online casino industry, including the different segments, is highly dynamic with hundreds of online casino operators competing for customer attention, and thousands of games just waiting to be explored. On top of the full-suite of games offered, software and game developers are continuously providing the market with new slot games with bonus and technologies aimed at entertaining and exciting casino players. The result is a loaded online casino industry, dominated by slots, made more exciting by the availability of casino perks and promotions.


In fact, according to Transparency Market Research, the global betting and online gambling will continue to grow, and exceed US$96.89 billion by 2024, with most of the action concentrated in Europe, growing by $19.63 billion (2015). In short, it’s going to be an exciting ride for casino players and enthusiasts, as a robust market means more slot casino games to explore and play, and a growing list of online casino portals that will compete for player’s time, money and attention.


It’s an exciting time for players, but can also be stressful- just imagine being faced with a large selection of slot games for real money, and a long line of casino portals competing for players’ loyalty! It can be the best and the worst of times for casino players, but it can be made easier if one knows how to choose and analyze online casino slots.


How to Choose the Games and the Casino


Given a long list of options and hundreds of slot titles from popular suppliers, the search for your next game and provider can be complicated. Let the following guide help you make sense of the varied choices and options online.


If you think that choosing a slot production is easy, well think again. Although the slot machines are known for its easy gameplay and rules and will require you to simply click on the ‘Spin’ button, the choice can be stressful. You will know how stressful it can be the moment you visit and explore an online casino. Online casinos today feature a comprehensive catalogue of games, powered by the top software and game developers in the industry like Netent, Microgaming, Playtech, and WMS.


On average, an online casino will list down 500 to 1,000 casino games, and the list is often dominated by slot casino games. If you think that this number is not yet overwhelming, think about the different categories of slots that are carried by different portals like classic, progressive jackpot slots and 3D ones. And if this segmentation on the websites is not enough, these casino games are also categorized by the number of reels and pay-lines present, the supplier, the published Return to Player or RTP percentages and the kinds of bonuses and payouts available. The casino games that dominate online casinos are available in different formats, in various categories. To make sense of the casino options, one can follow the following recommendations, as listed below.

Before you play  slot games, consider the following:


1. Know the basic types of slots, and discover your winning potential. The slot machines available online can be categorized as straight or progressive slots. In straight slots, you are paid for the winning combinations based on the set pay-table. The amount of winnings that a player can get will depend on the information listed on the pay-table. For example, matching 3 symbols will net 100 credits/coins, or getting 5 matching symbols will deliver 250 credits/coins.


Often, you will encounter slot games with bonus, and it comes in the form of multipliers. If a game features a bonus round with a x5 multiplier, it means that all winnings earned during the round are multiplied by 5. Another version is the progressive slot, designed to offer a massive winning potential. For this game, the amount of jackpot will continue to grow, as long as no player achieves the set winning combination. Examples of these jackpot games are Mega Moolah and Jackpot Giant.


2. Check out and review the RTP. Not all slots feature the same opportunities for players to win and explore the jackpot. Some of the slot games for real money are profitable, thanks to its higher RTP. In casino operations, the RTP refers to the percentage of the wagered amount that the slot game will return or pay back the customers over time. In games that offer a 90-percent RTP, and you end up making 100 $1 bets, you can say that the casino (or the game) will return $90 worth of winnings. But keep in mind that the RTP is an estimate over a long term, and will ultimately depend on the dispersion rate or volatility of game selected (which will be discussed below). In short, an understanding of probability slot games and potential results is critical in selecting a title to enjoy.


But don’t just rely on games that offer you a 90-percent RTP. If you check out the popular titles from Microgaming and Netent, you will discover slot presentations that feature more than 95-percent in RTP. For example, Goblin’s Cave, Ugga Bugga and Ocean’s Princess from Playtech register more than 99-percent in RTP, and Jackpot 6000 from Netent offers a 98.9-percent in RTP.


3. Discover and analyze the slot’s dispersion and volatility rate. Sometimes, a being a Math geek pays off when exploring slot presentations available today. In analyzing slots and predicting potential outcomes, an understanding of dispersion or variance can go a long way. In Mathematics, the dispersion is the scattering of results or variance from a central tendency. And in the context of online slot machines, dispersion or variance is against the set RTP.


In casino slot entertainment, slot machines can be categorized in one of three types- low dispersion, medium dispersion, and high dispersion slots. High dispersion slot games for real money rarely provides you the winning combos and may require enormous bankroll. The wins are rare, but when a winning combo is hit, there’s a big chance that it will be a huge payout or even a jackpot. Low dispersion slot productions, on the other hand, are known for frequent winning combos, but often these are in ‘smaller amounts’. Now, which games should you explore and play? Well, it depends on your gaming preferences, the size of bankroll and sense of adventure. If you are a high-flying player and a risk-taker go for higher probability, slot games with higher dispersion. If you are a casual player who just loves to spend time online with the minimal bankroll, low dispersion games are suited for you. In short, high dispersion games are highly volatile; hence, these require some risk on your part.


4. Choose and analyze slot machines by exploring its free demo. When faced with a lot of slot titles, consider checking out its free play demo. Most casino portals and casinos now offer a no download and a free trial of games. Through this arrangement, players get a chance to explore the theme, features, and symbols used by the system. The free demo also serves as a great opportunity to check out and study the pay-table, and estimate the volatility rate of the games. Are the winning combos more frequent, or the payouts are rare?


5. Choose slot titles based on available bonuses, features. Slot machines that are carried by pubs and brick-and-mortar casinos are traditionally known for limited features and special effects. Today, the latest titles from Netent and Microgaming are loaded with bonuses and features, partly driven by the need to engage more players, and remain competitive in the business. Now, the presence (or the absence) of these bonuses and unique features can serve as your guide in choosing which games to play or ignore. Some popular features that are worthy of your attention are ‘auto play’, nudges, bonus rounds, multipliers, scatters, free spins, expanding wilds and gamble feature.


6. Just look for slot games that are fun to spin and play. When choosing slot casino games, the best and often overlooked ingredient is the ‘fun factor’. Keep in mind that all these casino productions are products of randomness- they feature hot and cold streaks, and you will never know when it will payout a jackpot, or surprise you with strings of losses. The best and fool-proof final advice is to approach them from an entertainment perspective- play for entertainment, satisfaction, and fun. If you earn a jackpot from the best game, take the wins, and withdraw the winnings. Learn to acknowledge that losses are given. What’s important is to set a bankroll limit, and enjoy every spin, made exciting by the use of theme, colors, and graphics.


Choosing where you can play the online slots


Understanding and appreciating the games is just the start; as a responsible and informed casino player, you also need to be wary of the site where you will play. Not all casino portals are worth your time and deposits. Some of these online casinos are unsafe and may compromise your safety and your money. And if you unwittingly signed up for membership and deposited funds in a dubious casino, there’s a big chance that you end up playing poorly-designed games or worse, you may not be able to use your bonuses and free spins. In some cases, blacklisted casinos may decline payments, and offer non-encrypted transactions, compromising your financial details and safety. Avoid all these mistakes, by considering the following suggestions:


l  Check its reputation, licenses, and certifications. Checking the homepage of the website is one way to verify its reputation and its business practices. Make sure that the casino is properly licensed by a known body, like Alderney, UK Gambling Commission, and Malta, and earned industry certifications from eCOGRA and TST. The logos of these organizations should be proudly displayed, suggesting that the portal is committed to responsible gambling entertainment.

l  Read the reviews and player testimonials. Sometimes, the experiences of other customers and players can help you decide if this casino is worth your time and money. Many review sites and communities list down ‘blacklisted’ casinos, often due to shady business practices. Stay away from these portals, and visit reputable casinos instead.

l  Verify the available customer support details. A secure gaming environment is one that provides customers with a chance to submit their complaints, and get the technical assistance they need when they need it. So when you visit and compare online casinos, make sure to check its customer support details. Find a website that offers multiple customer support services, including but not limited to a toll-free number, e-mail, Live Chat and even through social media profiles.

How to Play and Win Much Money


Once the slot games and casino have been identified, then that’s the time you can play and win big-time. To realize this objective, you should count on a number of strategies and playing approaches. For example, you can play high variance (highly volatile) games and make a maximum wager on slot games for real money. It is also important to pay attention to the payout odds of the games. You want to work with online slots with high payout odds. And speaking of payouts, consider the progressive jackpot slots online. Games like Mega Moolah, Mega Fortune Dreams and Disco 70 are examples of slot titles that can feature multi-million jackpots.


Finally, as indicated above, look for games that offer bonuses like free spins, gamble mode, and multipliers. These slot games with bonus increase your chances of winning much money, on top of an exciting casino entertainment!